Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace makes a huge difference in everybody’s Last Thursday on Alberta

Leave No Trace had a very strong impact on those who attended Last Thursday in August.  Having only three volunteers, plus Dancin’ Don, Alberta cleaned up pretty well with the help of the now infamous Ghost Truck.  Spectators videotaped and snapped many pictures of the Ghost Truck as they picked up the trash and recycling during the re-opening of Alberta Street.

Don has been a member of the Alberta community for twenty five years and is working to make Last Thursday a “Leave No Trace” event.  Vendors and neighbors alike thanked Don and were quick to share stories of neighborhood pride.

The cost for disposal of the 140 cubic feet (600 lbs) of refuse was $37, plus $30 to fuel the Ghost Truck. Volunteers included Pastor Jon, of the Portland Metro Church, 6th & Alberta, who pulled out the recycling from the trash boxes in the back of the Ghost Truck. Another neighbor, Nick, brought the trash boxes and recycle containers to the truck, and Tom picked up trash as he kept the Ghost truck moving down the center of Alberta. Recycling is separated into seven different recycling containers in the trailer.

The August count was:

  • 111 Water Bottles
  • 218 Pop Cans
  • 79 Plastic Pop Bottles
  • 68 Glass Pop Bottles
  • 80 Beer Bottles
  • 114 Beer Cans
  • 1 – 55 gallon barrel – Non-refundable Plastic Bottles
  • The volunteers spent five hours helping with Leave No Trace

Dan says “as we walked up Alberta, individuals in the crowd were asked to help me by picking up even one piece of paper”.  At other times, Dan used his blow horn to ask the crowd to help.  Leave No Trace will continue to work toward Alberta Street looking beautiful Friday morning.

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