Community Impact

Friends of Last Thursday is no more. For livability/community impact concerns and questions we refer you to:

Greg Raisman  503-823-1052


 Driveway being blocked?  Create a driveway clearance by painting your curb. Click here to find out how.

Parking Patrol (illegally parked vehicles)     503-823-5195

Public urination– Place a sign in your yard.  A good ol’ garden hose tends to work quite well to move people along as well.


Loud sound–  All participants of Last Thursday should be sound compliant. If it is your neighbor causing the disturbance try walking on over and talking to them about your complaint.

Non-emergency police     503-823-3333



Get your graffiti removal kit from our Fire Station 14 at Alberta Park, 1905 NE Killingsworth Street




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