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Friends of Last Thursday is no more. We moved on to create a non-profit to support local artists.

For all your questions we refer you to Greg Raisman 503-823-1052


  1. Last Thursday happens year round with the artists coming out whenever it is nice enough. We close Alberta Street during the peak months, May-Sept. Artists begin setting up in the afternoon (there is no start time) and the event ends at 9:30.

  2. Guess you’ve never been to LT. LT is about artists not companies. It is also a do it yourself event. No booths, electricity or placement provided. Yes, you may set up but the event is really about art and artists.

  3. In the busy summer months we suggest coming at least by mid afternoon to find a good spot.

  4. Im not sure if my last question got submitted, but will there be activities happening tomorrow on the 10?,a random thursday

  5. There is no fee, no assigned spaces and no registration for artists. Please read the Vendor pages for all the information.

  6. need a Last Thursday art buddie: to watch each others art/crafts for bathroom breaks etc. have auto.

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