Last Thursday on Alberta


Rose City Vaudeville

Artists, musicians and performers line the street from 15th through 30th Ave.s, galleries hold their monthly openings and restaurants and bars hang new artwork for sale. Last Thursday is the largest art event in Portland as well as the most entertaining place to buy local art.


Last Thursday, the monthly Alberta Arts District festival, is now in its 19th season!

Last Thursday happens year round, but during the peak summer months the street is closed from 6:00-9:30 to all vehicle traffic (May-September) and runs from 15th to 30th Avenues.

Last Thursday is a community grown event, free to all artists and art vendors, musicians, performers & visitors that continues into the future despite the Mayor’s attempts to squeeze the event into a homogenized package.

Want to be an Artist Vendors? There is no fee, no registration and no assigned spaces. See more info on the Vendor pages.

If you would like to participate grab your handmade wares and a table and head on out to Last Thursday on Alberta. Please make sure to read the how-to set up portion on the Artist or Non-Art Vendor pages.

Last Thursday is for creatives, artists, musicians and performers.

Last Thursday is not for re-sales, imported goods, corporate promotions or retail.

Parking can get difficult so please ride your bike or use public transportation to cut down on the congestion and we’ll see you out there!


Friends of Last Thursday is no more.

The spirit remains but the name has reverted back to the Mayor’s Office. FoLT has disbanded with the knowledge that we do so with never backing down to the Mayor’s uninformed demands.

Thank you to the vendors, supportive businesses and community members and all the City agencies we have worked with for the past four years.

We direct you to the Mayor’s office as the Alberta community is no longer ‘authorized’ to manage this event and Mayor Hales refuses to support any local groups to handle the event.

For livability/community impact concerns and questions we refer you to Chad Stover:  503-823-4120


Yes, Last Thursday continues.

LT is, and has been, the only free stage for artists for 19 years. This free platform has fostered the most creative, unusual, exciting and unsterilized event in Portland, landing it into travel guidebooks, international magazine articles and exploding in popularity bringing over 80,000 people to the Alberta District during it’s 5 monthly evenings.

Fees, registration and placement are barriers. They do not invite the public to freely participate. It denies the child, restricts creative movement for happenings and bars those that cannot afford. It eliminates spontaneity and stifles interactions.

LT is a true model of a downtrodden neighborhood’s success in bringing people and commerce to the street, a story of grassroots urban process of change. That attempt soon became the economic engine for our businesses before the event became the iconic urban festival of Portland. Last Thursday produced a public space that has crossed cultural boundaries, backgrounds, values and associations and is now a significant public art event. Having survived discrimination by zoning and accustomed to being forgotten, separated and disinvested this marginalized community used urban space to redefine their economic and cultural well-being. They used their creative resources to build community and the community of LT is all-inclusive.

Arts and culture are vital to community life. We also believe that community is vital to arts and culture. We’ve seen that the organizations who thrive are the ones who understand and connect with their communities. -National Arts Strategies


  1. Went tonight, 7-31-14, and it was so amazing and it reminded me of why I continue to feel grateful to call the NW home.

  2. Peter Fitzwilliam

    My wife and I are Brits and have invested in and own a second home here in Portland, close to Alberta. We spend around 5 months a year here. One of the attractions in our decision was Last Thursday and we are sad and disappointed in how its spontaneity, vibrancy and originality has declined and the fact that it’s limited to just a few months. Last month I counted close to 30 members of the Police before stopping the count. This is gross overkill as is the huge number of “honey buckets”. At the growing trend, there’ll soon be more police, wardens and honey buckets than people setting up stalls. Wake up and remove the mayor’s heavy hand. Don’t drag yourselves down with bureaucracy as have so many European cities.

  3. I am glad to see Last Thursday is still going strong!

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