Last Thursday on Alberta


Rose City Vaudeville

Artists, musicians and performers line the street from 15th through 30th Avenues, galleries hold their monthly openings and restaurants and bars hang new artwork for sale. Last Thursday is the largest art event in Portland as well as the most entertaining place to buy local art.

Last Thursday, the monthly Alberta Arts District festival, is now in its 17th season.

Last Thursday happens year round but during the peak summer months the street is closed from 6:00-9:30 to all vehicle traffic (May-September).

Last Thursday is a community grown event, free to all artists and art vendors, musicians, performers & visitors.

ALERT: Charley Hales office is planning to charge all vendors at some point this summer. Concerns? Questions? Please contact Chad Stover, contact info below.

If you would like to vend on Last Thursday, please carefully peruse the info that’s pertinent to your specialty, so you’re perfectly prepared to wrangle this wondrous street extravaganza.

Last Thursday is not a garage sale or the place for re-selling products or corporate promotions.

Last Thursday is for creatives, artists, musicians and performers.

Parking can get difficult so please ride your bike or use public transportation to cut down on the congestion and we’ll see you out there!


Friends of Last Thursday is no more.

The spirit remains but the name has reverted back to the Mayor’s Office. FoLT has disbanded with the knowledge that we do so with never backing down to the Mayor’s uninformed demands.

Thank you to the vendors, supportive businesses and community members and all the City agencies we have worked with for the past three years.

Friends of Last Thursday is no more. We direct you to the mayor’s office as our community is no longer ‘authorized’ to manage this event.

For livability/community impact concerns and questions we refer you to Chad Stover.

Chad Stover, Mayor’s Office:  503-823-4120


Let’s keep Last Thursday as an asset and an economic engine of Alberta Street!

Thank you for your support!


  1. I am looking for a market to sell my paintings and hand made necklaces , bracelets , keychains and ect. . My number is 541-321-**** someone please call me with info .Thankyou . James

    • All the info you need is on the website:
      Are your necklaces, keychains, etc. handmade? Then look under artist vendors, if not look under non-art vendor.
      Please ask if you have further questions.

  2. Can’t wait for Last Thursdays and Summer to come!!

  3. I’ve heard tell….that this year 2014 Last Thursdays is officially “cancelled” and anyone setting up on Alberta on the coming monthly LTs
    ie: May-Sep. will recieve fines and or “removed” from the street!…is there any truth to this? and if so, how can we tax paying citizens that rely heavily on Last Thursdays for a major part of their income continue to participate?

    should we start a community “fine fund” or bail fund?

    • No way.
      Although Friends of Last Thursday is no more, Last Thursday lives on. The Mayor’s Office has ‘informed’ us that they will be sending out a press release stating that they will be providing the services for LT this summer. They will be paying for the trash/toilets/security etc. but we have yet to see any management or any action towards community impact. (Which is the reason they site for taking it from the community volunteer group, FoLT.)
      They have taken the management away from our neighborhood but the people own the event, which has become the 2nd largest event behind the Rose Fest, and it will continue for it’s 17th year.
      Questions or concerns? Contact Chad Stover, Mayor’s Office: 503-823-4120
      Let him know you want LT to stay in the hands of this hosting neighborhood’s hands.

  4. Is Last Thursday still alive? I am new to Portland and am looking to make my paintings available to the public, any reccomendations? Thanks this event is a dream come true!

  5. I’m so happy to learn that the event will go on! Thank you, Chad, for clearing up any confusion about the cities involvement. Looking forward to selling my woodworking, art. See you in May!

  6. is last thursday still going on next month

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